Ruby Background Processing Overview (25.09.2014, 7pm, Hacklab KIKA)

New Ruby meetup this Thursday (25.09.2014), starting 7pm at Hacklab KIKA.

We'll have only one presentation, Vlatko Trajkov will compare the popular Ruby tools for background processing: Resque, Sidekiq, Delayed Job.

The rest of the time we'll use for discussion. If you work or have interest in Ruby, come join us and feel free to ask any questions about Ruby tools, projects, etc.


Ruby tracing tool with Vim integration and TDD

Date and place: 31st July, 7pm - 9pm, Hacklab KIKA.

TDD: Why, When and How

Ile Eftimov will present on how to test Ruby and Rails applications, some overview of best practices, and a general discussion about testing production code.

Ruby tracing tool with Vim integration

Dalibor Nasevic will present a simple DIY tool for tracing Ruby code execution. When you get lost with a debugger wondering to step or go next is when this tool comes in handy. It is quick and dirty integration between Ruby TracePoint and a bit of vimscript.


Ruby.mk turns five!

Dear friends

On 13th of July Ruby.mk turns five! 

It's been exciting five years of Ruby.mk. We held install fests, lots of meetups, presetations, Rails Girls and so on. Our next goal is to celebrate those 5 years as best as we can. Therefore, we are organizing a drinkup!

The drinkup will be held on 13th of July in Porta Pub (Bunjakovec). Starting time: 20:00h.

Oh,  we'll be watching the World Cup final too! So, you can expect lots of beer, cheering and of course, praising of Ruby's awesomeness.

See you there!