Welcome to Ruby Macedonia (a.k.a. MKRUG) – a community for anyone who is interested in the Ruby programming language.
We meet up once a month, usually last Thursday in the month with tech presentation and occasional meetups in pub.
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Ruby.mk turns five!

Dear friends

On 13th of July Ruby.mk turns five! 

It's been exciting five years of Ruby.mk. We held install fests, lots of meetups, presetations, Rails Girls and so on. Our next goal is to celebrate those 5 years as best as we can. Therefore, we are organizing a drinkup!

The drinkup will be held on 13th of July in Porta Pub (Bunjakovec)....


Casual Ruby meetup

We'll do a casual ruby meetup on Thursday 29th of May.

The plan is to share experience, have conversation about Ruby and similar things. If there is interest we could do a Coding Dojo or Code Kata. Or if someone wants to present anything, we'll be happy to see it.  

Date and place: 29th May, 7pm - 9pm, Siyelo (map).

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