Welcome to Ruby Macedonia (a.k.a. MKRUG) – a community for anyone who is interested in the Ruby programming language.
We meet up once a month, usually last Thursday in the month with tech presentation and occasional meetups in pub.
Join our mailing list for discussions or tweet us @mk_rug to suggest a presentation and provide feedback.


Sequel & inuit.css (27.11.2014, 7pm, Hacklab KIKA)

Date and place: 27th November, 7pm - 9pm, Hacklab KIKA.

Sequel: The Database Toolkit for RubyFilip Kostovski will present Sequel, SQL database access toolkit for Ruby.

Intro to inuit.cssPeco Danajlovski will present inuit.css, Sass based, object-oriented CSS framework.


Ruby Background Processing Overview (25.09.2014, 7pm, Hacklab KIKA)

New Ruby meetup this Thursday (25.09.2014), starting 7pm at Hacklab KIKA.

We'll have only one presentation, Vlatko Trajkov will compare the popular Ruby tools for background processing: Resque, Sidekiq, Delayed Job.

The rest of the time we'll use for discussion. If you work or have interest in Ruby, come join us and feel free to ask any questi...

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